IntMeet · London

Building a new era of digital, sustainable, and inclusive entrepreneurship 

December 6th and 7th, 2021

Program - December 6, 2021

[09:00 – 10:00] Plenary session | Public-private joint effort to create an academic entrepreneurial ecosystem: the case of the academic incubator at the University of Palermo

·         Salvatore Tomaselli, Università degli Studi di Palermo

·         Presenter: María Rodríguez


[10:00 – 11:00] Plenary session | TRL+ · Developing companies based on research projects

·         Alvaro Miguel Cabrera, TRL+

·         Thais Glod, TRL+


[11:00 – 11:30] Break

[11:30 – 12:30] Plenary session When relevance meet rigor: the case of the Family Business Clinic

·         Gaia Marchisio, Family Enterprise Clinic - Founder and Managing Director


[12:30 – 13:00] Plenary session | Wrap-up session and conclusions

·         Alicia Mas-Tur, General Co-Director · RESOCEM

·         Norat Roig-Tierno, Scientific Deputy · RESOCEM

Program - December 7, 2021

[09:00 – 09:30] Plenary session Opening

·         Dolores Garzón, General Co-Director · RESOCEM

·         Pau Sendra-Pons, Program Chair · RESOCEM

·         Ginés Marín-Martínez, Cañada Blanch Centre LSE Administrator

[09:30 – 10:30] Plenary session |     Consulting · Live indicators of the socioeconomic reality in Spain  


·          Diego Loras Gimeno, Universidad Pontificia de Comillas 


[10:30 – 11:00] Break

[11:00 – 13:00] Workshop | One to one sessions for entrepreneurs (via Zoom)
For participating in the one-to-one sessions, please fill the survey below.



Keynote Speakers

At IntMeet - Knowledge Transfer Forum we have a wide range of professionals who have a lot to say about knowledge transfer from university to business. We invite you to learn more about them!

Thais Glod

Thais is a metallurgical engineer with two master's degrees in Environmental Management and R+D+I management. She has been innate research and passionate about how innovative initiatives can improve people's lives and make the world better.

She has founded a private innovation agency created to support entrepreneurs; moreover, SMEs to give life to their ecologically and socially innovative initiative helping conquer the European Green Deal objectives. Additionally, she is a founding partner of TRL +, an outsourcing transfer unit where grassroots companies technology-based from TRL generated in research centers. 

Salvatore Tomaselli

Dr. Salvatore Tomaselli is Associate Professor of Business Policy and Strategy and Government of Family Businesses at the University of Palermo (Italy). 
As a professional, he has developed a rich experience as an advisor, working well as an independent consultant and in collaboration with leading consulting firms. In 2014 he co-founded “Family in Business Asesores Costa Rica”. He is a consultant to the IFC (International Finance Corporation) – World Bank Group in the Family Businesses Government.

Alvaro Miguel Cabrera

Alvaro Miguel Cabrera created in 2002 Grupo Alma (with a presence in Latin America and Europe).  He is faithfully committed to social solutions, which have helped hundreds of people (especially children) through Fundación Alma and To Help To.  He is the Director of Founder Institute Valencia, Director at Diligo and CCO Co-Founder in TRL+.

Gaia Marchisio

Gaia Marchisio is Executive Director of the Cox Family Enterprise Center. Gaia brings a unique combination of knowledge and experience from the fields of strategic management, behavioral science and entrepreneurship to her work with family businesses, combined with a growing expertise in family dynamics and conflict management.

Diego Loras-Gimeno

Diego Loras Gimeno is a doctoral researcher at Comillas Pontifical University. His research focuses on how the urban-rural gap affects inequality and poverty. In addition, he works as a parliamentary assistant in the Congress of the Deputies of Spain. He has worked as an advisor in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York. He has been a visiting researcher at the London School of Economics. Furthermore, he has worked in the research department of Oxfam. 

Ginés Marín

Ginés Marín is a final-year undergraduate student of economics and economic history at the London School of Economics. He works as the Administrator of the Cañada Blanch Centre LSE and as Publications Editor at the LSE Law Review. He won first prize at Spain’s National Research Contest for Young Scientist (INJUVE), and represented Spain at the European Union Contest for Young Scientists (EUCYS) and the European Union at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF). 


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