Plenary Speakers

Han Woo Park

Han Woo PARK worked at prestigious research organizations such as the Oxford Internet Institute and the Royal Dutch Academy (KNAW) after receiving his PhD from SUNY Buffalo. He is a pioneer in big data-based research methodologies. The International Network for Social Network Analysis named his study on hyperlink networks as one of the top studies. He was recently named the founding editor-in-chief of's Web3 global journal ROSA. In May 2023, he was elected a distinguished Fellow by the International Communication Association.


Maria Orero-Blat

Maria Orero-Blat is PhD in Business Organisation, researcher and lecturer in the department of Business Organisation at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Her research lines are digital transformation, organisational culture, and big data analytics capabilities. She has published in top-ranked journal such as Journal of Innovation Knowledge, Journal of Business Research or Economic Research. She is a partner in the spin-off Cultural Fit Solutions and responsible of consultancy training, belongs to the Board of AJICEDE Young Researchers Association and has been part of the organizing committee from diverse academic conferences.

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