Plenary Speakers

Sukanlaya Sawang 

Prof. Sawang is a distinguished academic with a robust professional trajectory and a keen focus on research. Holding degrees in organizational psychology and innovation management, she boasts a wealth of international experience garnered from diverse sectors including public service, commercial banking, and higher education across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Presently, Professor Sawang holds the esteemed positions of Research Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Director of the Research Centre for Business Innovations and Sustainable Solutions (CBISS), and Head of the Management Group at the Business School of Edinburgh Napier University in the UK.

Professor Sawang's acclaim as a researcher stems from her profound exploration of the psychology aspects of small business/entrepreneurship and innovation management. Her research is delineated into three overarching themes: (1) small business and innovation, (2) small business and well-being, and (3) technological innovation and well-being.

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