II ICEM Conference · Valencia

October 18-20, 2022

Entrepreneurship in a disruptive world

Gender · Sustainability · Social Media · Marketing · Finance · Human Resources · Policy · And much more!

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Step 1
Submit your abstract

If you submit your abstract and it is accepted before September 20, 2022 you will benefit from the reduced fees.

If you submit your abstract after September 20, 2022, the normal fees will apply.

Step 2
Pay the fee

All authors of a paper must pay their fee (reduced or normal), which will depend on their acceptance date. Each author may submit two papers.

Papers will be accepted or rejected as they are evaluated.

Step 3

Once payment has been made, you will be able to formally register by attaching the transfer receipt.

From this moment on, you are ready to participate in ICEM 2022 - Valencia!

Step 4

Enjoy the experience!

Two days dedicated to entrepreneurship, with training, presentations and... much more!

Benefits: why should I participate?

Become part of a world-class network of talented international researchers, share your research and get feedback and inspiration to succeed in your career!

Be eligible for research awards: best paper of the conference, top young researcher award,... Get recognition for your hard work!

Get feedback for your papers: expert reviewers will provide you with advice and help you make your manuscript stand out.

Start making your work known: all extended abstracts will be published in a proceedings book with ISBN.