About us

ReSocEM aims to promote cutting-edge research on entrepreneurial motivation that contributes to science and industry

Our divisions

ICEM • International Conference on Entrepreneurial Motivation

Scientific congress dedicated to high quality entrepreneurship research

IntMeet • Knowledge transfer

Entrepreneurship knowledge transfer forum

SoMEF • Social Mentoring on Entrepreneurial Fundraising

Consultancy to social entrepreneurship projects on financing aspects

At RESOCEM - Research Society on Entrepreneurial Motivation we cover academic research, knowledge transfer, educational innovation and specialized consulting to companies, organizations and professionals. 


Meet our supporters who strive every day to support the dissemination of entrepreneurship research and the transfer of knowledge from university to business.

Emergente GV/2021/121  Generalitat Valenciana 
Women entrepreneurship and social inclusion  ·  Years: 2021-2022 

Faculty of Economics 
University of Valencia

University of Valencia

Polythecnic University of Valencia

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